Ibiza interior by Ibiza Design By Jeff

One of my passions has always been interior design, and Ibiza Design By Jeff has done something really nice with this house in Ibiza.

Ibiza Design By Jeff has given this house a complete Ibiza-style makeover.

Livingroom of house in Ibiza by Ibiza Design By Jeff


 When they started, the house was just renovated inside, so technically it was perfect, but the materials and finishings the previous owner used were not so nice and completely lacking the nice and easy Ibiza-vibe.


“The floor was really shiny and had some sort of marble design in it in dark grey and brown” says Jeff, “so that was the first thing that had to go”.

Also the kitchen was a perfect new kitchen, but it was cramped in a corner and it didn’t fit in the concept to bring some traditional Ibizan-finca elements in the house.



“We tried our best to create a light and airy holiday home for the new owners,
but it also had to be practical
enough to live here all year round, in case they wanted to move here or stay for longer periods of time”




As far as furniture and decoration goes, they kept the palette for this very neutral and tried to use natural materials which gives the home a warm and tranquil feeling.








“If clients contact us, we first sit down and talk with them to understand what they want and how the live. After that we look at the space and the surroundings, because we think it is important that an interior must also fit in with the style of the exterior”.


On their Instagram page, you can see a few of the projects they did in Ibiza and also in Antwerp, Belgium.




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